Local Digital is a growing community of organisations working together with a shared vision to deliver more user-centred, cost-effective local public services through open, collaborative and reusable work.

The community was drawn together around the Local Digital Declaration, co-published in 2018, and is supported by funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to provide training to all signatories and funding to selected collaborative projects.

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What is the Local Digital Declaration?

Over 150 local authorities have now signed the Local Digital Declaration. Find out what it is and why your organisation should sign it.

Browse the online training library

We have created a library of free, funded (by us) and paid-for training courses that offer fully virtual learning.

Explore Local Digital funded projects

In the first 3 rounds of the Local Digital Fund, 23 collaborative digital projects have been funded across local government.

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How Green is our Digital?