About Local Digital

Local Digital is a nation-wide movement to support the delivery of excellent digital local public services, established by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

We are doing this in three ways:

  1. We are establishing the Local Digital team within the digital directorate at MHCLG. This team will support the sector to work together to solve common problems by providing expertise in user research, communications and delivery.
  2. We are co-publishing the Digital Declaration with our partners. It  is a shared ambition for the future of local public services written by a collective of local authorities, sector bodies and government departments. It outlines our shared goals and commitments, and it invites all organisations working to improve local services to join in by signing up.
  3. We are launching an innovation fund of £7.5 million that councils will be able to bid for. This will help local authorities develop common solutions to their shared challenges.

Our roadmap

January 2018

Engagement with stakeholders

MHCLG and GDS began consultation workshops with councils, sector bodies, departments and some suppliers to agree how best to support council digital transformation. They agreed to write a shared Local Digital Declaration and set up a new delivery team in MHCLG to support the Declaration mission.

June 2018

Local digital roadshows kick off

The local digital roadshows begin with events in London and Bristol.

July 2018

Minister launches the local digital programme

At the LGA conference, the Minister for Local Government, Rishi Sunak, launches the local digital programme, announces his commitment to the Local Digital Declaration, and commits funding.

August 2018

Declaration sign up opens

Organisations are able to sign up to the Local Digital Declaration. Sign up includes making a commitment that fits with the principles of the Declaration.

Event sharing service launches

Service opens for digital organisers in local government to share and find events in a central hub.  

September 2018

Local Digital Team at LocalGovCamp

The Local Digital Team share plans for opening applications for the £7.5 million fund at the LocalGovCamp unconference in Birmingham. 

Expression of interest open for funding
24 September – 5 October

Public sector organisations are able to submit an expression of interest in working on a collaborative project that they would like to be funded as part of the Local Digital Fund.   

Expression of interest evaluation
6 – 12 October

The Local Digital Team will evaluate the expression of interests.

October 2018

Local Digital Fund applications open

Local authorities that expressed interest will be able to apply for funding.

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