Cyber Support Backup Fund

An application form to apply to the MHCLG Backup Support Fund will be made available here during the week commencing 18 January 2021.

A backup support grant is subject to specific criteria:

  1. Improving the resilience of a councils’ backups and backup processes to minimise the impact of a ransomware attack
  2. The purchase and deployment of backup technical systems
  3. The fund does not support ongoing per annum maintenance and licensing costs
  4. This iteration of the fund is focussed on backups of on-premise systems, with the backing up of cloud systems out of scope
  5. In-flight projects or approved spend are not eligible for support from this fund
  6. Bids are to be accompanied by a narrative, which clearly highlights the specific items and areas the funding supports and completion date

Version 1.0 (18 January 2021)