Cyber Support Backup Fund

To reduce the impact of cyber risk on the delivery of services to citizens, the MHCLG Cyber Support team is making funding available to support specific remedial activities. Find out who can apply for funding, what restrictions apply, and how to submit an application.

You are eligible to apply for this funding if:

  • your council has responded to the Mitigating malware and ransomware survey
  • your council has been invited to, and completed, a series of cyber support workshops with MHCLG Cyber Support team
  • there is an issued and agreed report and treatment plan in place
  • the enhancement works are unable to be covered in the three days of supported consultancy

This funding can be used to improve the resilience of a council’s backups and security posture to address all areas of the MHCLG cyber report to minimise the impact of a ransomware attack.

All grant applications are subject to ministerial approval.

This funding cannot be used to:

  • support ongoing per annum maintenance and licensing costs
  • support active projects or approved spend
  • This iteration of the fund is focussed on backups of on-premise systems. The backing-up of cloud systems is out of scope.


Apply for cyber funding

Before you start, please be aware that:

  • applications must include a treatment plan identifying the areas to be remediated, the timescale and an approximate plan
  • applications must also be approved by your council’s Section 151 Officer and have a nominated senior responsible officer
  • councils must commit to updating MHCLG on their progress

You can expect to receive a response within 2 weeks.