GDS Academy training: step by step guide

1. Check your council has signed the Local Digital Declaration

Your council might still be in the process of signing the Declaration, which means you won’t be able to access the GDS Academy training. You can find out if your council has completed signing the Declaration on our website.

Find your council in the declaration signatory list


2. Book your free Agile for Teams training course for up to 15 people

Agile for Teams is one of the GDS Academy training courses offered through the Local Digital Fund. This training course introduces agile concepts and techniques for teams to understand and apply agile to their work. During the course, there will be the opportunity to apply the techniques with a ready-prepared simulation, which will help consolidate learning.

You can book your Agile for Teams course through this form

Some of the other courses offered require attendees to have already completed the Agile for Teams course. We recommend you schedule this training soon after signing the Local Digital Declaration.


3. Agree how you’re going to use the allocation of 4 credits available to your council

Read about the GDS Academy training courses to decide which are most needed in your council and who should attend.


4. Use the 4 credits available to your council

Schedule your GDS Academy training courses through this booking form.

If you run out of credits but would like to send staff on further training, funded by your own organisation, you can contact GDS Academy directly via email.


5. Share your experiences of the training

We will be in touch to gather feedback, but we are mostly interested to hear about the long term impacts of the training.

Share your @GDSAcademy training experiences on Twitter using the hashtags #LocalDigital and #FixThePlumbing.


Cancelling a course

If you cancel a course less than 4 weeks before the course starts, fail to notify us that you want to cancel a course, or the person does not attend the course, your council’s training credits cannot be refunded or used for another course. You will effectively lose those credits.

If you let us know that you want to cancel a course with more than 4 weeks notice, we can refund your council’s training credits, which you can then use to book another course.

In all cases, to cancel a course please email


Changing the person attending a course

You can change the name of the person attending a course up to 3 working days before the course starts. Please email the details of the change, including course name, dates, location, and the names and email addresses of the people involved.

Please email the details of the change as soon as possible to so that we can pass this onto GDS Academy.