Full application form – Beta stage

We won't publish contact details submitted here without your permission, but may publish any other details you provide to help maximise collaboration and support for each project.
1 Introduction
2 Lead authority details
3 Project details
4 Further details
5 Project partner details
6 Agreement with MHCLG
  • MHCLG are funding collaborative projects that aspire to solve shared local service problems in a common way, in keeping with the principles of the Local Digital Declaration.

    Complete this form to apply for up to £350,000 of funding to do a beta project through the Local Digital Fund. Projects are expected to contribute any necessary resource beyond the contribution asked for of MHCLG in this application.

    How to complete this form

    1. As well as a lead authority, make sure you have at least 2 other local authorities involved as project partners in your application.
    2. Make sure all project partners, including the lead authority, have signed the Local Digital Declaration.
    3. Make sure the lead authority has senior stakeholder commitment to the project from the relevant service manager and Section 151 (finance) officer (questions 2.3, 2.4 and 5.2).
    4. Make sure each project partner has a single point of contact for the project (question 5.1).
    5. Make sure one of the other project partners has senior stakeholder commitment to the project (question 5.2).
    6. Make sure you complete all sections of this form, referring to Local Digital Fund Prospectus 2019/2020 and assessment criteria for further guidance:
      • Lead authority details
      • Project details
      • Project partner details
      • Agreement with MHCLG
    7. All applications must be submitted via this form by 5.00pm on 16 September 2019.