Local Digital Fund – digital training

All of our classroom-based training courses are currently on hold due to COVID-19. In the meantime, please browse our Training Library for online training opportunities.

We commit to meeting the need for digital leadership and Agile project delivery training to support councils in delivering digital projects.

The training will consist of two parts:

  • digital leadership training
  • delivery skills training

The leadership training offer will:

  1. equip council CEOs, directors, and councillors with the confidence, skills and knowledge to empower their teams to deliver modern, effective, and user-centric digital public services; and
  2. build a cohort of local digital leaders across the UK who form the basis of a new leadership community of digital leaders that spread change across their local networks

This will be complemented by delivery skills training for hundreds of  ‘front line local digital’ staff. It will allow councils to select from a number of GDS academy courses, based on their local needs, equipping them to deliver better local digital services. We are also working with the Academy to tailor courses to meet local needs. 

How to get digital training:

  • training will be prioritised for local authorities taking part in one of Local Digital Fund projects. Local authorities will be invited to request digital training as part of the Local Digital Fund application form
  • we’ll then open up training more widely to any council staff member whose organisation has signed the Declaration from early 2019

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