Finding partner organisations for a Local Digital Fund project

This is optional guidance that may help you to find potential partners and projects applying for funding.

Applications to the Local Digital Fund require a minimum of 3 partner councils to work together. All partners must have signed the Local Digital Declaration.

You can find more information on how to apply to the Local Digital Fund here.

There are 2 existing places that will allow you to find, discuss and share proposed Local Digital Fund projects. They are:


Use Pipeline to share your idea 


Pipeline is designed to give local government digital projects wider visibility. It can be used to follow Local Digital Fund projects by:

  • searching by the “localdigitalfund” tag to list potential projects
  • registering on Pipeline to ‘watch’ projects that you are interested in
  • contacting the owner of the project on Pipeline via email to discuss the possibility of collaborating

If you list your own project on Pipeline, add the “localdigitalfund” tag to your project to help others find it.

If you have listed your project on Pipeline and have not been able to attract potential partners, you can email for further support in promoting your project.


Use Slack to meet potential collaborators and discuss if you could work together


The LocalGov Digital Slack workspace is a good place to have conversations and discuss ideas with the local digital community. Conversations are grouped by channel, so we have set up the #mhclg-fund channel for applicants to talk about the Local Digital Fund.

To access this, follow the below steps:


  1. Become a member of LocalGov Digital.
  2. Request access to the Slack workspace when registering.
  3. Create your Slack account using the link in the invitation email to the LocalGov Digital Slack workspace.
  4. Join the #mhclg-fund channel. Use this guide to join channels in Slack.