Application guidance

This page aims to include everything you’ll need to:

  • Find the right collaborators to make a great application, one that promises to produce something other local authorities can easily reuse
  • Work out how to approach your collaborative proposal
  • Make an application that meets all the criteria against which we’ll assess

1. Finding the right collaborators

To get you started, we’ll email you together with those who submit similar applications. However, we also recommend that you search for your application on this website when all projects have been uploaded to see if anyone has been in touch via the comments box.

Please note that it’s unlikely we’ll fund more than 1 bid in a service area, so we strongly encourage you to work together with those in your interest group to agree a single proposal that you could collaborate on. If it’s clear that there is more than 1 high value problem worth solving between you, we may consider 2 applications. You can ask the team’s advice on our Localgov Digital slack channel.  Once you’re a member of this network, search #mhclg-fund to join the chat. If you have problems with slack, we’ll do our best to respond to emails at However, you might already find the answers you need in the slack chat.

2. Work out how to approach the application together

There are many ways to collaborate, but for those who haven’t done something like this before, we’ve made this step-by-step list and some template googledocs that you could use as your starting point:

A) Set up a 1 hour kick-off call

We hope you can organise a call with those we’ve looped you together with to agree how to collaborate or submit complementary bids. There’s a template agenda and guidance on setting up a google hangout in our starter googlefolder.

Other tips for meeting 1:

  • It would be useful to have a shared googledoc open to jot down the options (you could copy and share this one)
  • We often use doodle to find common dates for meetings. It’s a free online calendar survey tool that’s really easy to use.

B) Prepare your application in our template googledoc first

While you can save and return to the application form link we sent those invited to submit a full application, we recommend that you prepare your submission in a shared googledoc so that members of all collaborating organisations can contribute before the lead applicant pastes your final proposal into the application form. We’ve made a template application googledocs that you can copy and share with your team to prepare for the full application.

Discovery project application google template

Alpha project application google template

3. Fill in an excellent application

  1. What proposals qualify: Make sure your prosposal and collaboratiring organisations meet the application criteria
  2. How we’ll assess: Keep the assessment criteria, and the weighting of each criteria in mind when answering each question on the application form
  3. Important tips: It’s also important to remember that this fund aims to cover the kinds of work that your authority wouldn’t do anyway. So, you’ll need to be clear that where your building a tool that will help your organisation to save money or improve services, you’re using the Local Digital Fund money to do that in such a way that other organisations, using different technical infrastructure, can reuse it.
  4. We’ve provide some example full applications which you can access below by way of some inspiration:
    Read an example of a discovery project full application
    Read an example of an alpha project full application