GOV.UK Pay as a viable alternative e-payment provider


  1. Project outputs
  2. Project timeline
  3. Feedback

This discovery aimed to explore how local authorities can make integration with GOV.UK Pay easier and reusable for everyone in local government.

The GOV.UK Pay contract model is financially beneficial for local authorities however, legacy finance systems and their relatively high integration costs  are key adoption barriers. Integration is currently undertaken separately by each local council with no common reusable solution available on the market.

Project outputs

All Local Digital Fund discovery projects were asked to provide the following information at completion:

  • User research report
  • Benefits case
  • Recommendations for next steps


Project timeline

December 2018 - discovery

GOV.UK Pay as a viable alternative e-payment provider discovery receives £52,103 from the Local Digital Fund.

April 2019 - discovery

GOV.UK Pay as a viable alternative e-payment provider discovery delivers project outputs which are published on the Local Digital website. Recommendation made for further discovery into income management and e-payment systems.

September 2019 - discovery

MHCLG awards £80,000 for discovery exploring income management and e-payment systems from the Local Digital Fund.

February 2020 - discovery

Project team delivers agreed outputs from income management and e-payment systems discovery, published openly on the Local Digital website.


Each project was assessed using these lenses by the Local Digital Collaboration Unit. We have provided feedback directly to the project teams and this is a summary of what we shared with them.

It aims to be constructive for both the project team and any other organisation wishing to learn about the project or make use of the work done.

  • The project team undertook a number of different user research methodologies (attitudinal feedback, A/B testing and usability testing) and considered a number of users in their research (staff, service users). The project team should consider developing user needs driven personas based on the user research collated as this might help make findings more usable for others.
  • The project produced a comprehensive overview of how the team worked, tools used and a timeline of how the project unfolded. This makes it easy to understand how the project was delivered and provides a useful model for other local authorities.
  • The team provided a good overview of what GOV.UK Pay is and how it is currently being used by local authorities. This might be useful for other councils considering GOV.UK Pay for their services.
  • The team produced extensive recommendations related to identified user needs. The project considers a longer term vision for this work and makes appropriate recommendations that will be implemented in the near future. The team should consider another Discovery or further user research to more clearly define their use case for the proposed Alpha.
  • The team produced a benefits case that outlines potential benefits and savings to the sector, service users and system providers. Once the recommendations presented in the outputs report are implemented, further analysis would show what additional benefits this project created in making it easier for councils to adopt GOV.UK Pay and make associated savings.