Housing repairs service for local government (Beta)


  1. Project timeline

The City of Lincoln Council are leading on this collaborative project, which aims to build a new application form for social housing residents to report their repairs. The project also looks to produce a common API that will enable user facing applications to integrate with appointment scheduling software.

For the next stage of work, the project proposes 3 phases to:

  1. Build the user interface with a single scheduling supplier at one council. It will use a subset of repair types based on the common service pattern defined within Alpha.
  2. Prove that the tool can be replicated, using an appointment scheduling system where possible.
  3. Develop a common API that will integrate with alternative scheduling suppliers. It will also consider future development to housing management systems using a common API layer.

The project is due to start the next stage of delivery in May – June 2021. To contact the project, email fraser.trickett@lincoln.gov.uk or fill out a contact form.

This project builds on past discoveryalpha and technical alpha work.

Project timeline

December 2018 to April 2019 - discovery

Previous ‘Housing repairs online’ discovery receives £80,000 from the Local Digital Fund.

‘Housing repairs online’ discovery delivers project outputs, which are published on the Local Digital website.

September 2019 to February 2020 - alpha

MHCLG awards £100,000 to the ‘Developing a better online housing repairs system’ previous alpha from the Local Digital Fund.

Project team delivers agreed outputs from ‘Developing a better online housing repairs system’ alpha, published openly on the Local Digital website.

August 2020 to October 2020 - technical alpha

Project is selected to be funded as part of Local Digital Fund.

Project has an alignment workshop to align the team around:

  • Any work already done
  • Desired outcomes
  • Who we need to speak to
  • Our riskiest assumptions

Project publishes weeknotes about their workshop. 

Project has their 1st sprint:

Hosts 1st show and tell and publishes sprint notes

roject has their 2nd sprint:

  • Interviews suppliers and council IT departments
  • Identifies primary integration point for a product
  • Looks at potential approaches to adopting a common API
  • Reviews the Hackney ‘Raise a Repair’ codebase
  • Hosts 2nd show and tell and publishes sprint notes

Hosts a supplier engagement session with TechUK

Project has their 3rd sprint:

  • Interviews suppliers
  • SoR code analysis
  • Looks at communal and leaseholder repairs
  • Looks into accessing a supplier sandbox environment

Hosts 3rd show and tell and publishes sprint notes

Project has their 4th and final sprint

February 2021 - beta

The project receives £350,000 of follow-on funding from the Local Digital Fund to continue their work.

May 2021 - beta

The project is undergoing procurement activities with the view of kicking off their beta stage in June 2021.