How busy is toon: citizen focused data sharing to encourage economic renewal

This project led by Newcastle City Council aims to use data to support a safe return to the high street. They are working towards building a digital tool to share data that people are interested in about making a visit to their town centre, to help them feel safe and encourage economic renewal.

Working with hedgehog lab, Newcastle Urban Observatory and local authority partners Newcastle City Council is running an 8 week long project.

Project timeline
Project timeline

The project follows Agile delivery principles, incorporating user research and service design into its activities. Working in the open, the project hosts fortnightly show and tells to update on progress and share findings. The project has currently finished it’s delivery stage and is finalising the outputs to be shared with the wider public. 

Project outputs

A tool to identify where parts of a city are overcrowded and disseminate information to citizens so they can make informed decisions about their movements. View the code on Github.