Improving code-sharing between councils


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Brighton and Croydon have successfully managed to share code to help develop their front end Drupal based website. They are now working together with Bracknell Forest and Oxford councils to see if they can replicate this for these councils too. They are looking to understand any Intellectual Property barriers there may be if councils attempt to share and reuse.

Improving code-sharing between councils

The outcome will be to see if they can make it easier for all councils to share Drupal code, and if there are any standard conditions and requirements that must be met for sharing code between councils. For example; digital maturity, unique use needs, technical skills and required governance. If all 4 councils adopt the shared approach and platforms, the total estimated savings could reach £1.5 million.

Project timeline

April 2020

The project team of the ‘Improving code-sharing between councils’ discovery deliver the agreed outputs, published openly on the Local Digital website.