Better income management and e-payment systems

This project led by Barnsley Metropolitan Council builds on previously completed discovery work and aims to define an end-to-end Income Management System (IMS) proposition for users. 

Working with Dorset County Council and Huntingdonshire District Council, the project looks to design various components of the service wrap and to develop a new product for processing and reconciliation of payments received. The project also explores systems in use across local government, with a view to understanding how the current marketplace meets council needs.

Goals for a future IMS:

  • A better experience for those who use and deliver payment and income services by designing a user-centered service that meets their needs
  • Value for money: demonstrating that councils can save money and run more efficient processes by adopting the future service
  • Open by design: sharing an open, configurable, cloud hosted system with a flexible support model that councils can absorb
  • Collaboration: working with local authorities and potential support providers to design a good local government service
Income Management System screenshot

The project followed Agile delivery principles, incorporating user research and service design into its activities. Working in the open, the project hosted fortnightly show and tells to update on progress and share findings. You can find the show and tells and sprint notes on the project website.

Project outputs


Click through prototype for the new income management system