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The Local Digital Declaration

Q. What is the mechanism for a Local Authority to sign up to the Local Digital Declaration?

A. Our sign up service now available. Sign up your organisation by completing our online form. Find out more about how the service works in our blog post

Q. How do small councils with limited development resource get the most out of the initiative?

A. We’re engaging with the sector to get ideas on how to ensure we benefit all kinds of council. We’re aiming to fund projects that aspire to solve common problems in open and scalable ways. So, even councils that aren’t involved in one of these early exemplars should benefit from the outcomes of funded projects. If you register for our newsletter, you’ll be the first to learn of opportunities to influence our plans and apply.

The Local Digital Team and ways of working

Q. Will the Local Digital Team take some lead in coordinating standards?

A. We’re very keen to support the move to common standards for local services by. 1) highlighting existing standards that work, and 2) helping to develop a better ‘ecosystem’ for creating truly open standards where they don’t yet exist. We believe in ‘learning by doing’, so we aim to define our role in supporting standards development as the projects we support require.

Q.Will you be holding any more roadshows?

A. Yes, we hope to hold a series of roadshows at least twice a year. If you have a suitable space and would like to co-host a roadshow event please complete the online form

Q. How will MHCLG help local government upskill to deliver the Declaration ambition?

A. We currently have 2 ways of doing this. Firstly, we will deliver and fund exemplar digital projects that we’ll document and showcase to help others learn from them. We’ll run roadshows at least twice a year, and share all lessons and plans on this website. Secondly, we will fund leadership and digital skills training – initially for successful Local Digital funded projects. Find out more on the Local Digital Fund page,.

The Local Digital Fund

Q. When will bidding be open for the £7.5 million fund?

A.  There will be a two-part application process. The expressions of interest stage opened on Monday 24 September and is open until Friday 5 October.  Find out more about the fund and how to apply on the Local Digital Fund page.

Digital leadership course

Q. When do you envisage the new Digital Leadership course becoming available and how is the content being shaped/influenced/co-designed?

A. We’ve blogged about our progress developing the leadership course offer. We’re talking to SOLACE, LGA, GDS Academy and others to inform the curriculum. We’ll announce further plans using our newsletter and on the digital training page.