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Supporting digital innovation in PropTech

The Digital Land Policy team are working to support digital innovation in the PropTech sector. Peter Latham talks about who has joined the team, the findings they have already made and what they’re planning to do next.

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Digital in a policy department

MHCLG is traditionally a policy department of government. Paul Maltby, who leads the Digital directorate, talks about the ways in which digital and policy can work together, and how the principles of OneTeamGov could define the future of the Civil Service.

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How we work is part of the work we do

The Digital Land Services team and the Developer Contributions Planning Policy team have been working together to make developer contributions open and transparent. Read more to learn about how ways of working can impact collaboration within an organisation.

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Selecting the first Local Digital Fund projects

An expert panel joined the Local Digital Collaboration Unit team to review the projects shortlisted for the Local Digital Fund awards. Read how the successful bids were decided upon from the 77 full applications received.

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Designing the market response to the Local Digital Declaration

Hosted by techUK, this co-design workshop invited tech suppliers and vendors to explore different areas of response to the Declaration. See the progress made at the event by each working group and the planned next steps.

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Over 80 organisations have endorsed the Local Digital Declaration

The Local Digital team is delighted to announce that since its launch in July, the Local Digital Declaration has had senior sign-off from 86 organisations. In total, 123 organisations are currently at various points along the sign-up process.

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Releasing up to 389 Local Digital Fund proposals

This has been an important, madly busy week for our new Local Digital Collaboration Unit. In just a 2-week period, we received 389 unique expressions of interest in running collaborative Local Digital Fund projects from 171 organisations. Taking open to the whole next level, our next next task is to publish the whole lot on our website.

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