Local Digital Fund training offer

The Local Digital Fund will offer GDS Academy training to over 1000 local authority staff. The initiative aims to build digital delivery and leadership capacity in the sector. This page sets out what’s available, who’s eligible and how to register.

Who is eligible for training?

Staff of local authorities that have signed the Local Digital Declaration are eligible to apply for free digital skills training as part of the Local Digital Fund. Each local authority can apply to do courses to the value of 4 credits. Courses and their values are listed below.

Each of the 16 projects awarded by the Local Digital Fund can take an additional 3-day Agile for Teams course for the full collaborative project team. This will allow representatives from each collaborating authority to train and plan how to deliver a great digital project together. This training will not affect the credit allowance for those authorities – they will still have 4 credits to spend.

How to book

We have sent booking details to a representative from each Local Digital Declaration signatory. To find and contact your organisation’s representative, use this search tool.

Please bear in mind the course descriptions and dates below when discussing how to use your credits with colleagues in your local authority.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

What courses are available?

Courses begin in January 2019. This is the first release of course dates – more will follow. The below list outlines what’s involved in each course, who it’s aimed at, how many credits it’s worth, and where and when the first courses are happening.

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